Here are answers to some of the most frequent questions we receive. Please contact us if you have any questions you have not found here!


Q. When will my ring be ready? How do I get the ring?

Rings take 6-10 weeks to produce, depending on a combination of metal and finish selections.

For orders taken on campus, a specific ring delivery day is usually scheduled and unclaimed rings are taken back to the Balfour Student Center in Garland for pickup; however, available rings are brought to school on subsequent visits as well.

After the initial ring delivery, unclaimed rings will receive a letter and text(s) to notify that the ring is ready for pickup at the Balfour Student Center; this also applies to individual ring orders (not completed at the earlier school order sessions).

Alternative options:

Immediately after placing an online order, you may contact the Balfour store in Garland and request the ring be shipped directly home, bypassing the Balfour store. Call or email with the student name, school and order #. You may also request direct shipping for in-person orders. We do not recommend this for high value ring orders - there is no shipping notification available.

For rings at the Balfour store, you may go online and pay $12 to have the ring shipped via UPS home: http://www.dallasbalfour.com/pymnt.php (Please type "ship ring home" in comments field of payment form)

Q. What if my stone cracked or fell out? What if my antique finish is wearing off?

All Balfour high school rings are guaranteed for life with regards to quality. Self help instructions are available here: http://www.balfour.com/support/warranties/ring-repair/ You may also bring the ring to our store or give to a representative at school. Insured shipping costs will not apply to current students or graduates with rings less than 1 year old.

Q. What if I lost my ring or it was stolen?

All of our Balfour rings are insured for 4 years against theft and loss and our extended loss protection program (purchased at time of order) is 10 years from the date of order. Contact Balfour at 800-225-3687 or go here: http://www.balfour.com/support/warranties/ring-loss-protection-plan/.

For more information, please contact the Balfour Student Center or view the FAQ section of Balfour: http://www.balfour.com/support/faq/rings/


Q. What do I need from Balfour for graduation?

All graduating seniors will, at minimum, need a basic cap & gown unit that we call "Package C".

Q. When do I need to order my cap & gown unit?

Orders may also be placed online, at the store or at school starting around mid-October; please see "Contact Us" or visit www.Balfour.com. Please click on "Find Your School" for important dates and information.

Please note: To take advantage of discounted group pricing, please order the cap & gown unit by March 1st!

Q. How will I receive my cap & gown and graduation order?

Most schools have dedicated delivery dates in April or May for cap & gown units while most other graduation products will be shipped directly home. Please check "Find Your School" for special dates and information.

Please note that some graduation products (other than cap & gown units) may not be available for order after March 1st and those that are available will need to be ordered at www.Balfour.com.

Q. How can I take senior pictures with cap & gown before I receive the cap & gown unit?

After a cap & gown unit has been ordered, we offer a free rental of a partial unit (cap, gown and tassel only) for about a week to take pictures and is secured by a cash deposit of $50. Please note supplies may be limited depending on time of year.

If using a professional photographer, please check with them first. Many photographers have cap & gowns in your school colors. Another alternative suggestion is to borrow one from a friend/graduate/etc.

Q. How can I have my student's name printed on the announcements?

Rather than print on the announcements, we offer name cards that fit into special inserts within the announcements. Each school has chosen the design, colors and fonts of the announcements and name cards. Name cards automatically match the announcement colors.

Q. How can I get a replacement diploma?

We make replacement diplomas for many schools and have two ordering options: 4-6 week turnaround and a 2 week rush. Please call for pricing.