Here are answers to some of the most frequent questions we receive. Please contact us if you have any questions you have not found here!


Q. When will my ring be ready?

Rings take 6-10 weeks to produce, depending on a combination of metal and finish selections.

Q. How do I get my ring?

Ring orders placed at the Balfour office in Garland, that are paid in full at the time of order, can be picked up from the office or direct shipped to the customer address. Ring orders NOT PAID in full at time of order will automatically be shipped to the Balfour office. Once order is paid in full the ring can be picked up or shipped to the customer address for a $12 UPS fee.

All rings ordered online are direct shipped to the customer address.

Q. What if my ring doesn’t fit?

All rings purchased after 1972 have a lifetime warranty on the sizing. Current students or graduates with rings less than one year old, can bring their ring to the Balfour office in Garland for resizing. Click here for additional options and instructions. Click here for complete warranty information.


Q. What do I need from Balfour for graduation?

All graduating seniors will, at minimum, need a cap and gown unit that includes your schools required items.

Q. When do I need to order my cap & gown unit?

To take advantage of group discount pricing, order should be placed as soon as possible. Prices increase after March 1st.

Q. How will I receive my cap and gown and graduation order?

Cap & gown will be shipped to the customer or distributed at your school depending on the schools request. Most other graduation products will be shipped to the customer address.

Q. How do I know if my cap and gown is the right size?

Gown size is determined by the height and weight provided. The gown is meant to be loose fitting. Gown length should fall anywhere below the knee and above the ankle.

Q. How can I get a replacement diploma?

We make replacement diplomas for many schools. These take approximately 4-6 weeks. For details click contact link above.

Q. What if I would like a refund?

No refunds after January 1st.